College For Photography?


Many people assume that you have to go to an art school to get the proper education needed for photography. Well the truth is…you don’t. About a month ago I was looking at a photography book called The Complete Photographer that had many photographers in it. Along with their photo’s, they also had the photographers biography. They asked every single person if they went to school for this particular hobby, and around 60% percent said no. So, 40 % of the photographers did have an education that wasn’t even mandatory for this specific hobby. One of the men in the book was asked, “Did you feel like you should have gone to an art school?” and he said (this is in my own words), “I never wanted to go to school for it. I feel that, instead of sitting in a classroom learning photography, I  should be out there getting hands on experience.” I agreed with him 100%. I mean, why waste money and time when you can start learning right away. Not only are you learning, but you can take your time and save thousands. But, for those who would like to get a higher education by going to college, go right ahead. Aim as high as Mount. Rushmore! There is nothing wrong with going. I just wanted you, my readers, to know that you can save money and time.


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