Taking Test Pictures


When doing photography, a lot of people are quick to grab their cameras and go! But this isn’t a good thing to do, because once you take a picture, there is no way to correct that once in a life time photo that you just ruined. Instead of your usual grab and go, why not take the time to set your camera on the correct settings for the area your going too. So, lets say you will be taking your photographs outside, and you know that it is going to be hard light (very sunny) out. A wise choice is to not have your camera’s saturation and contrast on a very bright setting. Instead, set your saturation and contrast down a few levels and then take a test picture. Does it look better? If yes, then your set! if  no, keep taking it down little by little, and take more test photos. If you are planning on using sepia, black and white, or color, set it on that setting and take more test photographs to make sure that it looks okay to you. Before you know it, your all set! No more messed up photographs because you were very responsible this time around. 🙂


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