Watermarking Your Photographs

Watermarking is simply adding your name, business name, or a logo onto your photograph, so that people will know who it belongs to. This is very important considering the fact that many people will steal your photographs, whether the photos are on the internet or with you.  Many people are not aware that copying and pasting an image that isn’t theirs is illegal. But, most people know better than to do this. Although watermarking will not keep people from stealing your photographs, it is still a good thing to do. If you are going to post your photographs on the internet, set your camera on a low resolution setting before taking a picture. When someone tries to steal and print off your photo, it will be blurry and of no use. But if you’re not going to post the photo on the internet, make sure that your camera is set on a high resolution. To watermark your photographs you can go to this website: http://www.watermarktool.com/


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