Depth Of Field

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about depth of field but wasn’t exactly sure what it was. I use to wonder what it was too until I learned it from a very good source… Have you ever looked at a photograph of an object and noticed that the background and foreground was out of focus (blurry)? Well, that was because of the depth of field.

The depth of field is the area in front and in back of your subject. To control the depth of field you need to set you aperture to a low or high number. Your aperture known as the F-stop will show up as a decimal number or a whole number. It controls how much or how little the lens opens to let in light. The lower your F-stop, the wider the lens opens, which means the less depth of field. Therefore the foreground and the background will be out of focus (like the picture on the right).  To get everything in focus you will have to set your F-stop to a higher number, which will make the lens smaller.

 To learn how to set the aperture on your camera click here. To learn more about aperture and how it works, go to the  Video Lounge. I hope this post helps you to understand! Enjoy the video and try take notes.

God Bless


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