My Knowledge On White Balance

Hey guys, I thought I should write about white balance today because I heard that it was pretty important to know. I’m just now learning this technique and jotted down notes while reading about it. If you are familiar with this topic please don’t hesitate to correct me by commenting, if I’m wrong about something. Although I did a good amount of research I still want to be sure that I’m giving out the correct information.

Have you ever noticed that when looking at a white object or scenery on your camera, that it looked kind of discolored or washed out? That was because of the white balance. White balance is very important in photography, because when doing photography you should want your photographs to look as vivid and accurate as possible.

  White balance controls the tint and hue of your photograph. Most cameras have white balance preset like:  auto, daylight, shade, cloudy, tungsten, fluorescent, flash, custom, and color temperature on the screen or dial. The auto setting, known as the auto white balance (AWB), is the easiest way to set your WB. This is because your camera automatically detects what type of light you’re in. Although this is one of the easiest settings, it is also the worst. You are probably wondering, “How is it worst?” It’s because it can give bad color results as well as ruining your picture. The picture on the left gives an example of an auto white balance. Although most people will think that it looks okay, I don’t, because The blanket in                                                                                                              the background was white, not cream.

Custom white balance is probably the best way to go. You will be able to set it exactly to where you want it, so that you can be satisfied with your photographs. I am not equipped to tell you how to do this, because all cameras are different. But you can look at the cameras manual to see if your WB is capable of being set to a custom mode. If it is, it will take you through the steps needed to do so.To watch a short example about white balance, go to the video lounge.If you see any mistakes in my blog post please don’t hesitate to comment.

God Bless


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