Important Things To Have When Doing Photography Away From Home


@A Beautiful Butterfly@

Hey everyone, If you’re new to photography I will recommend reading this post.

Have you ever gone out somewhere to take photographs and then you notice that you have forgotten something that is very essential and important in order for you to take those pictures? Well don’t worry, those days are over! All you have to do is make a list of the things you need. For an example, my list will have things like batteries, tripod, memory card, an extra memory card, extra batteries, neck strap and a CAMERA. It’s is very important to think carefully when writing this list. Because even when writing it, you can forget something that you really need. So try to make the list the day before you leave, so that you won’t be in such a rush. To help you, here are a few things that you might need:

  1.                       Camera filter(s)
  2.                       Flash unit
  3.                       Camera
  4.                       Batteries
  5.                       Memory card
  6.                       Extra memory card
  7.                       Batteries
  8.                       Extra batteries
  9.                       Tripod
  10.                       Water proof case
  11.                       Camera lens
  12.                       Camera/Accessory bag
  13.                       Camera’s manual

These are just basic things because all cameras have different needs. So after your done making your list,  go over it to make sure you didn’t miss anything or put something that you don’t need. Sometimes you  should  reset your cameras settings for the place you are going to. If you don’t know how to do this look a your cameras manual. Here is a short post on taking test pictures.


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