Taking Photographs For Ebay Or Advertisment

You have decided to start selling things on Ebay and you want your photographs to look really attractive so that your customers will buy. We’ll, here you can learn how to do so. I have written this post so that you can get ideas about how to get great looking photos to advertise products online. You will learn about backgrounds to taking the photo. So relax and enjoy!

Setting up Your Background:

My Ebay Listing Photgraph

Before you begin snapping pictures, you first need to decide what type of background you want behind your product. Don’t worry; it doesn’t haveto be anything fancy. It can simply be a white or black sheet. Something that is really important is to make sure that your background is a solid color. NO PRINTS, PATTERNS, OR DISNEY CHARACTERS ALLOWED ON THE SHEET! Set up your sheet on a wall, box, chair or anything else that you can drape it on. Something else that I will strongly suggest is that you set up in a room that has a good amount of sunlight in it, so that when you take the picture it will not look too dull. After that…

Set Up Your Product:

Setting up your product can sometimes be kind of difficult, especially if it is one that won’t stand on its own. To fix this problem get something that will support the back of it. Take a china plate for an example. It does not support itself, but you can get something like a plate holder to do the job. Always use something that will not be too big or distracting in the picture. Also have the items facing the camera. If it is a book show the cover, not the side. If it is Clothing show the front not the back ( not unless you want to!). Just make sure that you make the photograph looks as attractive as possible, because what your customers see on the picture, is what they get. So it is your job to make sure that what they are seeing is something great.

Setting up Your Camera:

Okay, you are now ready to set your camera to the correct settings.  First determine what type of light you are in. Is it very sunny, very dim, or both? When it comes to light you want to set your camera to the right settings. All cameras are different, but most of them have an auto mode so that the camera can adjust itself. To find this read the manual that came with the camera. Use a tripod to keep it from blurring. Also your White balance can help make your photo look fantastic so read this!

 Now Start Snapping:

You have found a backgroun

d, set up your product, and set your cameras settings. Now it’s time for you to take the photographs. When taking pictures, make sure the whole product is in it and not cut off by zooming or cropping. People want to see all of what they are getting, not parts of it. Aim the camera in front of the product on a tripod to make sure that the photograph doesn’t appear to be sideways.  If you don’t have a tripod and you can’t seem to get it strait, it’s okay. You can go to picnik.com to straighten and edit the photograph.

If you see anything wrong or if your unable to understand something in this post,  just comment and make a suggestion.


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