What Does Photography Mean To You???

Walk-way To Heaven Photography By: Brandy

Okay, everyone who is on this site must like photography, because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be here…right? So, why not share how you feel about this hobby with everyone. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write a five page essay or anything. All you have to do is give a simple phrase or word that describes how you feel about it. So, since I have decided to get to know your feelings about photography, I should first tell you how I feel about it in a few words: “Photography is a blessing to me, because if I see something that catches my attention, I can simply snap the picture and cherish it forever.” See, it’s just that easy!




2 thoughts on “What Does Photography Mean To You???

  1. I love your photo! It’s something you can just stare at forever for some reason.

    I’m not really much of a photographer, but I love having a good digital camera to capture moments that you want to share with others of just keep. Also, do you ever just see a scene and think what a great picture that would be? Seems I never have a camera in those moments..:(

    Love your blog. Deb

    • Thanks for commenting! It seems that I also have the same problem as you. I always seem to see something that catches my “photographers eye” but I just (almost) never have my camera on hand. 😦 lol

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