My Picture’s Story: Foggy Day

Be still, and know that I am God Psalm 46:10

Today I woke up around 6:45am and got out of the bed around 7:00am. When I woke up completely, I went downstairs and looked out of the front door. I was quite surprised when I saw very thick fog blocking the view of most of my front yard. No, it wasn’t a bad surprised…it was more of a good one. For quite awhile I have had photographers block, but today I had a few ideas about what to photograph, which was the fog! So I went to the kitchen, grabbed my camera, batteries and my puppy (she is so cute!) and then headed outside. I walked around for quite awhile admiring Gods art (he is a great one!) until I finally found something to photograph. Unfortunately, the picture did’t come out the way I expected  it 😦 so I had an awesome beyond awesome idea! I live about a mile away from a park called Charlie Daniels. At that park there is a wooded trail that many people use to take strolls. I remembered that there were benches there which would make a great picture. So I went back into the house, went upstairs and knocked on my moms bedroom door…She didn’t answer. I was extremely anxious to get to the park before the fog had let up, so I knocked again. Unfortunately she still didn’t answer. I knocked one last time, and finally, she answered ( I wasn’t in the patient mood)! I then told her about the fog and that I really wanted to go out to the park to take pictures. She obviously said okay (my mom supports me 100% in photography). Right then and there, I threw on some snow boots and we left out. I was still in my pajamas though :0. So when I got there, I went to the spot where the bench was and “snapped”  a picture. I absolutely love the results. Take a look at the picture above and please tell me what you think!

Thanks and God Bless


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