Free Photoshop Download!

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 Hey guys, day before yesterday I was searching for a really good Photoshop program to download onto my computer. Well, lucky enough I found one that is called Gimp 2.6. It was completely free and is as good as Adobe Photoshop! I was really impressed with all of the tools that it offers. Like cloning, over fifty different types of filters, layers, and color options. I took a picture of my brother today and my dog (which was not wanted in the picture) was in it. I then tried cloning (erasing) him out. I wasn’t sure how to do this, so I went onto Youtube and typed it in. I found a really great video on how to do this, and it was so simple and easy that I only had to practice it a couple of times. This is available in Windows and Mac. I highly recommend downloading this if you don’t already have an advanced Photoshop!


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