Hey everyone! My Mom came across an awesome site called  Pix-O-Sphere where you can host, share,  and sell your photos. This website is family friendly and you don’t have to be eighteen years or older to signup. I have been on this site since January and it’s great. Although I, personally, don’t have a whole lot of time to get onto it. But I still enjoy posting my photographs from time to time.

If  you decide to sell your photographs on Pix-O-Sphere, you do have to pay a monthly price (at least I think it’s monthly). It doesn’t cost much and I’m pretty sure that you will make your money right back.

They also have wonderful volunteering opportunities which they call contributing. When signing up to be a contributor, you can pick to do the following: photo tutorials, photo editing program tutorials, or social media articles. This is something new that they have announced, but have not yet put it into complete action.

They are working on updating their blog so that you can do even more. But don’t worry! You can still sign up and start hosting and sharing your photographs.

Something that I really like about Pix-O-Sphere is that they have monthly contests. You can enter more than one contest category and post up to three photographs in each! They also offer really great prizes.:)

Anyways, if you decide to join please don’t forget to add me as a friend!

God bless and Enjoy!


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