Child Portraiture

Portraiture is a very popular area in the photography industry. In fact, it has been popular ever since the digital camera was created. Most people think that in order to take a  good portrait photo, you must sit in a stiff position, look right into the camera, and don’t forget about that smile! But in my opinion, portraiture isn’t about smiling, looking into the camera, or even sitting still. I think it is about capturing the natural beauty and attitude in your subject. Yes, it might be harder to take a picture of the four year old, but it will pay off at the end.

A solution that I have come up with when taking child portraits, is to talk to them with the camera in your hand. Don’t take any pictures for about five minutes or until they warm up to you and the camera. Pretty soon they will start acting like their normal selves (no shyness at all). This is when you start snapping pics.

Follow them around closely (but not to closely) and snap a picture every time you see something you like. If they aren’t doing much of anything, ask them if they want to play a game. Every child will be up for that! Play something like red-light-green-light, hide-and-seek, mother-may-I, etc. Pretty soon you will have a bunch of pictures!

If you do decide to take a close up of his face, make sure that you focus on the eyes so that his face isn’t completely blurred. Another tip is to set your camera setting to either the portrait mode or macro. This will help you a lot and it will keep from to playing around with the F-stop so much.

Anyways, I thought that I should share that with you guys just in case. 🙂

Thanks and God bless


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