Board Reflectors

Have you ever heard of board reflectors? they are used to reflect  light onto your subject. They come in gold, white, silver and black. Click here to learn more. Something That’s really neat is that you can make them yourself for a way better price. I made my own and they work wonders!

Materials Needed: White poster board or foam core, one can of gold or silver spray paint, Blanket or sheet (optional)

NOTE:  If you just need a black or white reflector just use a black/white board.


1.Go outside or into an open space and spread the sheet onto the ground or table.

2.Lay out your board

3.Shake up the spray paint

4.Spray the board from top to bottom until surface is completely covered and let dry.

5.After it dries spray a second coating.

6.Let dry over night

7.Spray the opposite side the same or a different color

Another way to do the silver and gold board reflectors is to cover the poster boards in aluminum foil. If you can’t find gold aluminum,  just spray paint the silver aluminum gold.

Tah-dah! Isn’t that great? I absolutely love doing this because I save money and get the same results. 🙂

Thanks and God Bless


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