It’s Time to Get Organized!

Something that I usually do after getting home from a ‘photography adventure’ is upload the images onto my computer. After I load them, I just simply stuff them into a folder and then I’m done! So when the time comes to when I’m ready to edit or post the pictures on my blog…I can’t seem to find them as quickly as I put them onto the computer. So I thought that I should get organized to save some time.

I would be quick to say that it is hard to get organized, but actually it is pretty easy! I’ve done some research and found a free software that makes photo organizing easier and faster. Actually I found a Few. The one that I’m currently using is called Photo Manager 10. It is a life saver and I absolutely love it!

How exactly does it make it easier? Well, Photo Manager 10 automatically organizes your photographs. How? What you do is select a picture with your moms face for an example. After that you type in her name and then it gets all of the pictures with her face and labels it with the name you typed.  It makes it a whole lot easier and will save you loads of time.

Another one that is pretty cool is called Windows Live Photo Gallery. This one does just about the same thing plus more. Other than organizing your photographs you can also edit them very quickly with the auto button, or you can just customize them. You can also e-mail an album with just a click of a button (love it!). And if you have a friend who uses the same thing, you can view their images too. This is one of the easier organizers to use,which is great.

If you want something a little less complicated, Sunlit Green Photo Manager is the way to go. What you do is creat a folder labeled flowers, for an example. You than drag all of the flower pics into that folder and tah-dah your done.

Anyways, I hope that this helps you get onto the fast track with you pictures, and that you will give one of these great photo organizers a try. Also, if you already have a organizer and would like to share it with my blog just contact me.

A Verse To Remember:

Let all thing be done decently and in order.

1 Corinthians 14:50


2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Get Organized!

  1. This is excellent! Organizing all my photos is one of my biggest ‘clutter’ problems. I’m excited to check out the great resources you provided.

    (wow! your Alexa rating is amazing!)

    many blessings, Miss Debbie

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