Digital Vs. Film

 Most people think that the difference between a film and digital camera are that one takes film and the other takes a memory card (don’t forget about the screen!). But are these the true differences between the two? No. I personally think that, yes, they might store their memory in different ways, but there is more than that that makes them different. A film camera obviously uses film, It doesn’t have megapixels, you can’t review your pictures before you print them, and you really have to master your exposures, f-stops, apertures etc. to get the best out of it.

My Doodlethe best out of it.

Those might be the downfalls, but what about the good side? There are many great things about film. If you like to pay attention to detail or enjoy “crafting,” film is the way to go. You can do everything and anything. You can choose from numerous types of films to show off your creative side, you can make the best out of night photography and you can also develop the film yourself (fun!). As of cost, it varies completely because of the fact that you need different types films. And getting them developed can be pricey and a waste of money if the photographs don’t come out correctly. I highly suggest getting the photo’s put onto a CD so that you can edit them on your computer.

Digital photography is great. All of the pitfalls that are in film photography are the up side for digital. Going digital is a big change, but will make photography a whole lot easier in some ways and sometimes creative. How exactly can it make photography easier? If you want to take a portrait of someone, for an example, you can just press the portrait button. Or if you want to take a picture of landscape, you can press the landscape button. Okay, that is easier but is it creative? No, not really. But if you decide to learn about your exposures, f-stops, apertures (just like film) and any other settings that will change what is on your LCD screen, it can be.

Something that isn’t all that great about digital photography, is the MP (megapixels). 😦 The more megapixels the better and the more money you have to spend. So what if you get a camera with four MP? Well, you lose quality and if you decide to print your photography as a poster size for an example, lets just say you won’t be able to tell your dog from a log!

So there you have it. Both, film and digital photography, are unique in their own different ways. They are both great to use in different situations. And if you ask me, they both come in handy.

A verse To Remember:
And he has filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, with intelligence, with knowledge, and with all craftsmanship, to devise artistic designs, to work in gold and silver and bronze.

Exodus 35:31-32


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