All Words Aren’t Pleasing

(c) Brandy's Photography Do Not Copy

Yesterday I learned that my words can truly affect peoples lives and feelings. My sister and I had a mini fight and I said some hateful words because I was so angry. Before I opened my mouth to speak, God said to me, “Don’t do that Brandy. Just walk away.” I was so angry that I pushed what He had said aside and spoke. I instantly regretted it because I could see the hurt in my sister, although she tried to cover it up. About thirty minutes later I apologized to her. I then asked God to help me use my words wisely and to forgive me for not listening to Him when I should have.

You see, at that moment when I was arguing with my sister, it felt great to say harsh words. I felt like I wanted to win this fight…but what was the prize? It certainly wasn’t going to be showing God’s love to others. Today, when I was having my bible study, I wanted to find a verse about my mouth, so I looked in my bible’s index. There wasn’t anything that said words, speaking, or mouth. I just said, “Okay, I’ll just read something else.”  I started flipping through the bible and began reading Proverbs. Fortunately, God led me to go a few chapters back and once I did that, in big bold letters, it said PROVERBS: CONCERNING THE MOUTH.

I read it and learned a lot! I read Proverbs 10:8-23. The verse that stuck out to me the most was verse 19. It said, “Sin is unavoidable when there is much talk, but whoever seals his lips is wise.” I thanked God for sending me that verse and asked him too help me seal my lips when it comes to things like arguing and more. I love God so much! He gives us second chances plus some. He’s the best!

Thanks for reading and God bless


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