~Change Of Plans~

If you read my last post Busy Party Planning then you should know what I’m talking about in this one.

Saturday, my family and I were planning my birthday party for the next day, Sunday. It was really hectic and busy because it was all last minute. I mean we were trying to paint doors, fix ceilings, and trying to help my dad with is auto business all at the same time. My aunt called and said that she was done with the cake but wouldn’t be able to make it to the party tomorrow. She asked if we wanted to pick it up, but we just didn’t have the time to0. So, after a little while of hard thinking, we decided to postpone the party until the twenty-eighth of August.

So, as most of you know, I had agreed to keep my little cousins for the weekend, which was a-okay with me. They arrived Saturday night in their cute pajamas. I was so happy to see them and they were excited to stay over. Once I got them settled in, I put on a movie (Tinker Bell: Lost Treasure) and they watched the whole thing. After the movie went off, it was around eleven pm, and they were wide awake (and did I mention that they were sick?). The oldest one, Ariah, had a really bad cough and her little sister, Lady- Bug,  had a minor cough with severe nose drainage. So after I gave them their medicine I read a book to them.

I let them pick out the book and began reading. I was sitting on the floor and I had made them a little bed with blankets and pillows in front of me so that they could lay down while I read. During the book, Lady-Bug jumped up and started to say something that sounded like, “Idda Bud, Idda Bud!” and was pointing behind me. I was trying to make out what she was saying and asked her what was wrong. She replied, “Idda Bud, Idda Bud!” I finally turned around to see what she was trying to tell me, and once I saw what she was trying to say, I screamed, “IT’S A BUG!”

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See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.

Mathew 18;10

I’m not all that crazy about bugs. Yes, my Lord made them, but why exactly? I’ll never know. I had jumped up and grabbed my little cousins. They ran up the stairs screaming, and I, the semi-brave one, stood there trying to identify it. I called both of my little brothers into the living room to kill it, but it was really fast (it had a whole lot of legs!!) and went under the blanket I had on the floor. My brothers came in laughing at me. I said, ” Why are y’all laughing? There’s a really big bug in here!” They kept laughing and eventually found it and killed it.

Relieved, I got my cousins, sat back down on the floor and finished the book (in peace 🙂 ).Afterwards, I took them upstairs so that they could go to bed. Once I tucked Ariah and Lady-Bug in, I gave both of them goodnight kisses and hugs.  I said goodnight and started to go downstairs when Ariah asked, “B-wandy, ” she was trying to say my name, Brandy, ” are we gonna pray?” She sounded so cute! I instantly said yes. She said a prayer that I’m sure God understood and probably giggled at. What she said was, “Dear heavenly Lord, barbie and teddy bear and barbie barbie barbie, and bear. Please barbie and bear.” I opened my eyes and let out a small giggle. She looked at me and said your turn. I prayed that they would have a good-nights sleep and that God would watch over them and keep them safe during the night. After our prayer time, they both went to sleep.

The next morning , they were wide awake and acted like I gave them pure sugar for breakfast ( which I didn’t…I gave them waffle with syrup instead 🙂 ). I ran them some bath water and Ariah began to sing, ” Lord prepare me…to be a sanctuary…pure and holy…tried and true. With thanksgiving, I’ll be a living…sanctuary…for You.” It was so cute, and Ariah wanted me to sing too. So, while they both took baths, we sung praises to the Lord.

A little while after their bath we went outside and I took my camera with me  :). I took some really cute pictures of them which you probably already saw above.

Thanks for reading and God bless


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