~God’s Word~

I love photographing flowers!

I think that it’s amazing how God created His Word, the Bible. I mean, It just hit me that God didn’t just say one day, “Hey, I’m gonna write a book so that it can be a best seller!” He put that book together for people like me. People who have been through rough times. People who would have never imagined loving someone so much. People that were born to live their lives for the Lord.

God took His time putting the Word together. It didn’ take Him days…or months… it took Him years! Hundreds and hundreds of years! And not only that, he customized it just for us. Everyone can relate to something in the Bible. Whether it’s your words, attitude, mood, experiences. There isn’t one person who can say, “I’ve never been through anything that the bible mentions.” And the reason why no one can say that, is because before we were born, before our own parents were born, God said, “Oh, I see that Brandy(that’s me!) is going to make that mistake.” or, “Brandy (that’s me again!) is going to go through this, that, and so on.”So, what He did, was put everything that He knows His people are going to face in life, in His word, so that He can help us, guide us, and  show us the right thing to do. He also made it to show us that we aren’t alone. He customized his Word just for you. Just for us!

All of you who don’t know God, please come to know Him! He will help you through life. He will actually help you through anything and everything. He will show you unconditional love. Is it always going to be easy being a Christian? No. It’s not easy at all, but all of your hard work will pay off at the end. You’re not going to perfect and get everything right. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve made many, many mistakes as a Christian. But does that keep me from trying to stick with God and trying to obey Him? Not a bit. We make mistake and then we learn from them.

For an example, The other day I watching TV. and a show was on and I was really into it. But, I heard a few curse words…(okay, it was many! ) And God kept saying to me, ” Brandy, you know you shouldn’t watch that…” And I was all like, ” It was only this many words” and ” Okay, if there is at least one more word, I’ll turn it off.” Suddenly, before I knew it, the show was just about over, and there was more then just “one more word” in it. I felt bad. Well not “BAD”, but I already knew that I just chose the television set over God. I thought to myself, ” I just did it again didn’t I? Another mistake… Sorry God! I really am and I will try next time to obey you.”

Obviously, you might face something more then just a television set distracting you from your commitment to God. But as long as you try to cling to Him, that’s all that matters. He is with you always. Don’t give up, because your best is all it takes. If you want God go for him! Because He is waiting for you to just ask.

Verse Of The Day!

Wait calmly for God alone, my soul

because my hope comes from Him.

He alone is my rock and my savior-my stronghold.

I cannot be shaken.

My salvation and my glory depend on God.

God is the rock of my strength, my refuge.

Trust Him at all times you people.

Pour out your hearts in His presence.

God is our refuge.

Psalm 62:5-8




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