Photo shoot…Fun!

Hey everyone! Yesterday my friend, Cassandra, to come over to celebrate my belated birthday. So when my mom and I went to pick her from the YMCA, where she and her parents were waiting for us, our parents began to talk…and talk…and….talk! So, we decided to go into my mom’s car and talk too. At first we were just catching up with each other because we haven’t seen one another for about three months. After chit-chatting, we got onto the subject about photography. Cassandra told me that she had felt bad that she couldn’t do a photo shoot that I asked her to do a few months ago. I told her it was fine and not to feel bad. Then both of us thought that, sice she was going to spend the day at my house, why not have the photo shoot today?

When we got to my house, Cassandra changed into an outfit, and we headed outside. It was about two pm. and the sun light was really harsh. We took a few pictures and decided to wait until magic-hour to finish up. Six o’clock came pretty quickly and so we headed back outside to finish.  Cassandra is such a natural when it comes to modeling! I was so thrilled with all of the different poses she came up with and she is so pretty! Anyways, I got so many great pictures that I haven’t even finished editing them all. If any of you are photographers and have any knowledge about photography, please critique my work for future references!

Thanks & God Bless!

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