Just A Little Under The Weather

I absolutely love trying to take pictures of the moon!

I awoke this morning with a very sore throat and stuffy nose. It was five am. and I couldn’t fall back to sleep. So I got up and searched for the tissue in the dark and ended up knocking over a water bottle that I had set on my bed. I searched for the lamp switch, and once I felt it, I turned it on. I picked up my water bottle and screwed on the top. Oh, and I found the tissue!I began blowing my nose and my older sister (we share a room) asked if I was okay. I told her yes, but she had already fallen back too asleep before my response. Assuming that she was just talking in her sleep, I decided to turn on the television.

I have been awake ever since then and I’m very tired and I don’t feel very well. Why am I telling you all this? Because, until I get better, I won’t be able to answer any comments or blog for a few days. I’m praying that I will have a super fast recovery and that God will help  boost up my immune system to fight off this cold! I might do a blog post every other day until I feel better, but it might just be a Youtube video or a short verse from the Bible.

Anyways, I’ll talk to you all soon!

God Bless


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