A Day At The Lake

Today seemed like it was going to be a normal day. I got up at around 8:45 a.m. I brushed my teeth, took a shower, ate breakfast and then got started on a hat that someone ordered from me. Then I reminded my mom that I had two more hats to ship off. So,  my mom, sister and I left about an hour later. First we stopped by the library to print off a few things.  And then we went to the post office, which two buildings down the street from where we were.

My sister, Ebony, stayed in the car while my mom and I went into the post office. The front desks, where we usually go to mail off items, closed early due to it being a weekend. So, we used the postal machine instead (Those things quite interesting…). My mom selected everything that applied to what I was shipping, and I had already paid for my postage online, which made our trip pretty fast. After the post office, I was going to go shopping , but decided that it could wait.

We drove back home, which was less then ten minutes away (Mount Juliet is a small city!). Once we pulled into the drive-way of our house we saw a red car. We all instantly knew that my Granny was here! I was so excited to see her because I hardly get to visit her at all. We all jumped out of the car and to go give her a hug. She was sitting in her vehicle when my mom and Ebony opened her car door. They both embraced her while telling her how much they missed her. I, obviously, wanted to hug her too, but I couldn’t quite squeeze in between them. I said, ” Hey, I miss her too ya’ll!” and they finally moved out of the way (I gave her a realllly big hug by the way!).

My granny asked my sister and I if we wanted to hang out with her today. We quickly said yes and left not to long after that. We all chatted while driving and I realized that I had no idea where we were going, so I asked. She said that we were going to the lake, I was so excited! I carry my camera everywhere and this was one of those “it came in handy” momments.

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After we made a couple of stops, we finally got to the lake. It was quite humid outside, but the large mass of water made it bearable. I was so excited to finally take pictures that weren’t in my backyard! I told my granny and sister that we might be there for a good hour and thirty minutes since I was doing my photography, and I offered Granny to get her into her wheelchair. She said that she was going to stay in the car and enjoy the view. I asked my sister if she was going to come with me, but she wanted to stay and talk to Granny instead.

I got out of the back seat and started to look for something interesting to photograph.  There were ducks and geese in the water, so I took a few pictures of them first. While I was doing this, Granny yelled out of the window jokingly telling me to catch her a duck! I yelled back saying, “eww never!” A little while later, I’m not sure how long I’d been taking pictures, but I had looked over at my granny’s car to make sure that they didn’t look bored…they were talking a whole lot. I then went over to another part of the lake to take a picture of the sunset. It was beautiful! God is quite artistic if you think about it. I mean, he made the skies, the sun, and the water! He created me and you too! That’s one great artist if you ask me. Sometimes I wonder why he made certain things, though. Like the platypus! That’s one awkward creation…but it must have a purpose, right? I wonder what it’s purpose is?

Anyways, I took a few shots of the sunset and once I was finished we left. I had a great time and I’m very thankful that Granny came to visit! I love her so much!


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