Mr. Buggy!

A little while ago, my friend came over and we decided to walk around the neighborhood to take some pictures of flowers. So I found this pretty pink flower that had yellow in the middle. It was so pretty, so I took  one, two and then three pictures of it. When I was about to take my fourth “snapshot,” I noticed that there was something green on the flower. At first I thought that it was just a speck of something and didn’t think anything about it. So I put my eye up to the viewfinder and set my camera to macro. Once I got up close to the flower, the “green speck” started to move! So I moved my camera away from my eye to take a closer look at it  ( I wanted  to make sure my eyes weren’t playing any tricks on me). And once I looked I  saw legs! I screamed and told my friend that there was a bug on the flower! And it wasn’t just any type of bug, it was a stink bug…YUCK!

Why in the world did God create such weird creatures??? I'll never know! 🙂


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