My Dog Destiny

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If you have been following my blog for awhile, then you probably already know my dog Destiny. My family and I got her about four or five months ago when she was a puppy. She has grown so much since the last pictures I’d posted. She is six months old now, and she gets into absolutely everything! Although she is quite a handful, we still love her more then ever.

Just a few days ago, Destiny found a rubber ducky, that squeaks of course, and she is absolutely crazy about it! She doesn’t go one moment without out biting it or giving it to one of my siblings to throw for her. It’s amazing how long she can play without a break! We end up having to say, “that’s enough!” so that we can have a little break from throwing the squeaky toy.

Something I like to do when she hands me “Mr. Ducky,” is to take the bottom of the duck (there is a hole at the bottom that makes it possible for it to make noises; air blows out of it.),  put it up against her head and squeeze it. She hates to be blown on, so she does this weird, “meooooowwww” thing (yup, that spells meow! 🙂 ) which can be very funny from time to time! She’s a really sweet doggy, and I’m so happy to have her.

Thanks for reading and God Bless


2 thoughts on “My Dog Destiny

  1. She is a beauty!

    And what a great name you gave her!!!

    Dogs can be great photography subjects, but a pain too! Keep on getting pictures of her any chance you get. The more clicks, the more the chances to get “the one”…


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