I won The Photography Contest!

Yesterday, I went to Lebanon Tennessee to see if I won one of the photography contest categories. I didn’t think that I would win any of them, so I entered the contest with a wee-bit of confidence. But my mom told me not to worry and to just pray. So, that’s what I did. Anyways, I went there yesterday to see the results, and I as we entered the building, the more I knew that I didn’t win.

There were many contests going on and we started to search for the photography section in the building. My dad was walking in front of me, and as we began to see all the pictures with ribbons, I just knew that my photos weren’t good enough. Then my dad said, “Brandy! I see one of your pictures…and there is a first place ribbon on it!” I couldn’t beleive what he was saying! I asked him if he was sure that it was my picture…and if it was really a first place ribbon, and not a third. Daddy said, “It  is your picture…the one with your little cousin and it says first place!” I jumped with joy! I was so happy!

I went to take a look at my first ribbon from a photography contest, and I was more then proud and thankful to have gotten first place. My parents were also happy. They told me that they were very very proud of me and gave me snug  hugs :). I was so excited that I forgot that I entered more photo’s, and my dad said, “Hey, there is another one! You won first place again!” I won anther category! I couldn’t believe it! And before I knew it, my little brother said I won two more first place ribbons in two more categories! I was ecstatic. I’m so thankful to God! He really showed me that there is no use in worrying about things like this.  Here are my winner photos!

Thanks For Reading & God Bless

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