Birthday Party+Kids+hype=Challenge & Fun

Sunday, I photographed my very first party..a birthday party! I have never realized how hard photo journalism really was! There was lot of rowdy kids ( which weren’t filled up with sugar yet! It was pure hyperness!) running around all over the place wanting me to take pictures of their “face painting”. I was constantly in the birthday girls face trying to make her laugh. She had just turned one year old, and was a very serious baby for her age. I could make the silliest face, or the weirdest sound, but I constantly failed to get her to smile that “two-tooth’ smile of hers.

 The smile came eventually when the balloon-man showed up with a Dora balloon. She absolutely loved it! I had taken the balloon and acted like Dora was giving her a kiss on the cheek, and what-do-you-know, she busted out laughing like it was so hilarious!I would have never thought that a baby can laugh so hard!

Anyways, This baby that I’m talking about is my little cousin, Laya. She is a really sweet girl and I love her so…much! Here are a couple of photos of her and her parents.

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Party+Kids+hype=Challenge & Fun

  1. Love the pictures, Brandy. What a beautiful family! Your writing expresses what you were going through as if I were there. The Lord has given you a wonderful gift and I’m so glad you are using it!

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