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A few days ago my mom, little brother, cousin and I visited Belmont University to be entertained by a ballet. It was so adorable and tons fun. Some of you might not know that I will be graduating in March and then I will be starting college :). I really would like to attend Belmont University because it is a very nice place, and the community and classes aren’t to big for me. Something not so great about it is that it’s a private college, which means it costs an arm and a leg. I plan on being debt free in my future, therefore Belmont is out of the question (don’t you know how much it is just to stay on campus!!???).

Anyways, I’ll be going to college to earn my BS degree in photography on collegePlus! so I’m really excited about that. Collegeplus! Is a way for people to save thousands and thousands of dollars by clepping out of certain subjects such as: math, english, certain sciences and more. Just click here if you would like more information. I think that choosing CollegePlus is a very smart thing for me to do since I’m trying to build my photography business. It will allow me to have more ¬†flexibility in my schedule, which is something I really need!

I hate to stop here, but I’m really sleepy right now, so I will blog again soon.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!


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