My First Baby Boy Photo Session!

Hey everyone!

Friday I had a infant ( eight weeks old) photo session. He was so adorable! His mom was kind enough to let me practice on her little baby boy to gain more experience with older newborns in studio photography. So I am going to share the pictures that I captured with you all and I want you guys to give me your honest opinions on them. So here they are!

I agreed not to share the baby’s name with anyone, so I am going to refer to him as Jay.

When Jay and his mom arrived, I was extremely excited to get started…but I think it was the complete opposite for him :). He was very tired and cranky, and cried through most of the session until the pacifier came out; he stopped crying every time his mommy placed it in his mouth! 🙂  I learned a whole lot about photographing babies; a few of those thing are:

1. Always make sure you have warm hands, especially if the baby isn’t dressed.

2. Have a truck load of patience, because if you don’t, you might as well give up baby photography!

3. Let the baby get used to your voice and face before you take him out of his mommy’s arms.

4. Have a soothing voice, because if you don’t, the baby might not be so calmed by you.

5. Session is done when baby says so! 🙂

I will always remember those five things the next time I have a baby to photograph!


7 thoughts on “My First Baby Boy Photo Session!

  1. These are wonderful shots, Brandy, for a first shoot with a baby boy. I like the way you focused on the details of the body like the hand and mouth. I do appreciate your work and I hope that you would continue to seek God’s will in your life. Thank you for following my blog! To God be the glory! I am blessed to know someone as talented as you are. May God continue to bless you, Brandy!

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