My Photography Studio Lighting Technique

As most of you know, if you read my last post, I had a infant photo session (my first baby boy!) which was a lot of fun to do. But before the session, I had decided to take pictures of my studio and lighting set-up to share it with you all. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t have and actual “studio” quite yet. Right now, my studio is located in my home. I just rearranged the furnishings in my living room and sat up from there. Anyways, I though that you guys might wanna take a look at how I had set up everything and see my techniques for lighting; just view the pics below.


Sorry about all the noise…I used my smaller compact camera due to the other camera charging.

Okay, so this picture is of my main light source. Since the sheer curtain was over the window, it gave off a nice, soft, natural lighting. It takes the place of using a softbox.

I used a white umbrella as my  fill light, on the opposite side of the baby, to fill in any shadows on his body and face. If you don’t have an extra light source to do this, you can use a white reflector or white poster board to reflect from your main light.

For baby sessions, I try to set the backdrop stand close to my main light source, and then I place a large bean bag underneath the backdrop to support the baby.

I have learned that having plenty of towels, blankets, washcloths, and pillows will help during a baby or newborn shoot. They certainly did!

It’s important to keep your hands clean, especially when dealing with babies. Parents will absolutely love seeing you use this!

For me, props are a necessity! I could shop for them all day long…

 Something else I like to do is to play white noise, ultra sounds, or slow kid-like music to keep the baby comfy and sleepy.

That’s Just about it!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

~God Bless America~


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