College From Home

Hello everyone! I am proud to introduce a new publisher to my blog pals. Her name is Shesta Kimble (AKA my wonderful mom!), and Mrs. Shesta will be writing a weekly post about the following: home schooling, college, teaching resources, recipes (yumm…), and a whole lot more. So I highly recommend checking in  a couple days a week to see what wonderful new things she has to share with you all! Below is her her first posting.


With the cost of college sky rocketing it is becoming more difficult for our children, or even us to attend and earn a college degree. We know that a college degree is beneficial, but how can it be more affordable. Well, a few years ago, I went on a hunt to see how homeschoolers were earning their college credits before getting their high school diploma…the answer…is CLEP

So, what is CLEP? CLEP is an acronym for College Level Examination Program. It is a program that anyone of any age can do. You simply study for a subject, usually the general education requirements for your particular degree, you make an appointment with the college who administers the exam, and you take your test. If you pass that test, you earn the college credits for that particular subject. Then begin studying for your next test. You will cut the cost tremendously and if you consistently work at it you can earn your degree in less time and way below the cost of attending.
If you are tenacious about cutting the cost, this is the way to do it… Study + Pass Exam = College Credit. There are many websites that you can use to help you study, but one of my recent findings was This is a loaded website and for the price of $20.00 a month you have access to online books for each CLEP exam. They have a great system and online support for assisting you in studying. Please look into their program and see if it’s a good fit for you or your student. Another plus is that if you don’t have your high school diploma, you can also study for your GED on their website. They provide you with the online books for that. Isn’t that amazing!
Just click the Instant Cert link to the right and get five dollars off of the price with the code:78798. They even give you a thirty-day money back guarantee. My daughter, Brandy, is actually using Instant Cert’s program to help her earn her college degree. If you do click the link and sign up, she will get paid for the referral. She will be using this money toward paying for her CLEP exams. So you will be helping her to do that and it will be greatly appreciated.
Happy Clepping!
Shesta Kimble
(Mom of Brandy Kimble)